How about a little Urban Fantasy?

The Fallen Angelle Series
by Josephine Templeton
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Angelle, God’s first Angel, fell from grace along with Satan. However, after thousands of years as Satan’s girlfriend, Angelle wants back into heaven and becomes human. Now she must atone for her sins and save as many souls as she damned while fighting vampires and demons. One more condition — she must remain celibate.
Jack, a vampire hunter, visits Angelle’s bar, and their attraction is instant. But after watching her walk away from a car accident, he’s convinced she’s a vampire and must die. When Angelle doesn’t burst into flames at sunrise, Jack joins her quest to save souls. The partnership is jeopardized when two of the Scorned Bride’s daughters enthrall him.
Angelle must save Jack from another dimension, but in doing so, she risks her salvation. Will Jack want to be saved by the time she finds him? And if they survive the Scorned Bride, can they survive each other?

Interview with an Angel: Meet Angelle Smythe

(Character Interview)

What do you think of tabloid articles about normal humans seeing angels? For instance, Duck Hunters Shoot Angel – with a picture of a caricature angel in choir robe floating over pond. “I swear Clem thought it was uh goose…”

Most humans don’t see angels, so it’s possible the hunter did think it was a goose. Now, if the dude was really an arcane hunter (a/k/a supernatural hunter), he was probably hiding under the guise of playing it stupid because he was caught on film (Sometimes the real angel gets photographed, but that angel uses his or her powers to distort the image – hence the funny cartoon angel). Those type of hunters don’t care if the supernatural is good, bad or ugly. If it’s not of this world, then in their eyes it must die. My message to them: Get educated on your so-called prey!

What are the nature of angels, as they are described as completely different beings from humans? They must look very frightening as their first words are always “fear not” or its equivalent.

All beings are created in the image of God, not just humans. However, celestial angels in their true form would blind a normal human, whose eyes were not created to withstand the glorious sights of (and from) Heaven in the Earth realm. Hence, when angels first appear to those humans who are “tuned in” to them, the angel’s form is typically distorted. They tell the human to “fear not” so they know they mean them no harm. The human is naturally programmed to ascertain otherworldly creatures (hair on back of neck rising, etc). Of course, it’s up to the human to choose to acknowledge those warning bells.

Are their (angel) functions as messengers, guardians, worshippers, etc.?

There are 9 choirs of angels:

The 1st Choir are the Seraphim and take care of God’s Throne.

The 2nd Choir are the Cherubim and are guardians of the way to God’s throne as well as to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden.

The 3rd Choir are the Thrones and are symbols of God’s justice and authority.

The 4th Choir are the Dominions and regulate the duties of the lower angels.

The 5th Choir are the Virtues and control the elements – earth, wind, fire, and water.

The 6th Choir are the Powers, warrior angels loyal to God and Him alone.

The 7th Choir are the Principalities and serve Christ.

The 8th Choir are the Archangels, who watch over everything.

The 9th Choir are the lower Angels who communicate directly with humans in some form or fashion. There are four ranks:

  1. The Counselors are the guiding angels.
  2. The Messies are the messenger angels.
  3. The Keepers are the guardian angels.
  4. The Gypsies are the nature angels (aka gypsies).

Why do people on earth think they become angels after they die?

Preconceived misconception. Humans cannot become angels. Of course, there’s always a first time. God has the power to do anything He wants, and as far as I know, this rule might have changed. I’ve only been back on the Celestial for a short number of human years.

Of course, angels, on the other hand, can become human, as was I. Yet the process is not easy.

I must point out that humans can become demons by several different ways – infecting their blood, if Satan chooses it as punishment, and many other ways.

What is God like?

God likes everything – LOL.

He is everything a Father figure should be – protective; has unconditional love for all of His creatures, including Satan; playful; has the best sense of humor; stern when the situation calls for it; generous. I could go on and on with praise for Him.

As the youngest of nine children, I’ve learned a lot from my older siblings.  I’m still amazed at how different we are, but at the same time, how much alike.  I was the only child in the house by the time I reached high school.  So I had plenty of time to nurture my reading and writing skills.  My favorite author at the time was V.C. Andrews, and my first story was what is now known as fan fiction, with Indiana Jones as the main character.  In fact, one story I wrote had him switching planes in flight, and my mom pointed out that was impossible.  Who would have guess many years later that Harrison Ford would star in a movie in which he actually DID switch planes in flight (Air Force One, 1997)?!
I’m a member of HeartLa (the Baton Rouge chapter of Romance Writers of America) and have done freelance writing with Baton Rouge’s Town Favorites, Lafayette’s 008 Magazine, and Baton Rouge Parents Magazine.  I have four published novels under my wings (Convicted of Love – a historical romance, Forever Yours- a vampire romance, A Pirate’s Kiss – a historical romance and Scorned – an Urban Fantasy).
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