♫♥New Adult Romance (Box Set)♫♥

Not Looking For Love
Box Set
by Lena Bourne
Genre: New Adult Romance
          Amazon UK
 *** Pick up Episodes 1 – 4 of this steamy New Adult Romance for one low price! Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscribers read for FREE! ***
***No cliffhanger here, only an HEA 🙂 ***
A no-strings fling is what she wants…but is that what she needs?
At 22, Gail’s losing her mom to cancer…with only a week to live. Every second of every minute, Gail hopes the doctors are wrong. Then she loses the bracelet her mother gave her. On the edge, she jumps into the pool to find it. Something grabs her waist and flips her over in the water. It’s Scott, the neighbors’ gardener, trying to save her.
The sight of Scott’s wet t-shirt plastered against the rippling muscles of his shoulders and chest gets Gail fantasizing about this Adonis. It’s easier to get lost in a fantasy of raw passion than hope for anything at all.
With more regrets than he can ever hope to live with…Scott’s trying to get his life together. The last thing he needs is a crazy rich girl who keeps throwing herself at him. But he knows something’s wrong from the sad, lost look in her beautiful eyes.
Is this relationship finished before it ever truly begins? Or in their darkest moment… can Gail and Scott give each other hope?

Intended for mature audiences.

Lena Bourne writes stories about independent and smart women who mean everything to the strong men they love. If you’re looking for deep emotions, hot bedroom scenes, and some suspense thrown in, look no further than her books.
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25 Fun Facts – Lena Bourne

  1. My family comes first, then my friends
  2. I’m a cat person
  3. I wrote my first story in the first grade (it was more a comic book)
  4. I get so into the books I write I actually fall in love with the characters
  5. I work as a journalist and I edit fiction for my day job
  6. I love the sea
  7. My favorite food is pizza
  8. Injustice makes me cry
  9. I don’t of anywhere without my phone
  10. I’m a Mac person
  11. I like to eat cereal for dinner
  12. If I could travel back in time like to the Middle Ages I totally would
  13. I write fast, but I edit slowly
  14. My day job is blogging about eco-friendly and sustainable living solutions
  15. I love Nutella
  16. I actually like it when it rains (expect if it goes on too long)
  17. I’m terrified of snakes
  18. My astrological sign is Scorpio
  19. I’m more on a night owl than morning person
  20. I love to travel
  21. I can drive stick shift
  22. I’m addicted to TV shows
  23. I love mountain biking
  24. I believe in soulmates
  25. I love happy endings

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