Are You Ready?

 Are You Ready…

For the weekend, an update, and a cover reveal!

Camo Secrets 

By Cassandra Kirkpatrick
Guilt. Devastation. Fatigue.
They’ve returned from hell with
their demons in tow, bringing old memories to the surface from where they were
once locked securely away from the rest of the world. Their mission may be
over, but now the real struggles begin. Who will be stronger? The infamous war
heroes or the demons that haunt them?
The duct tape and honey crew is
once again tested when a new mission lands in their laps. A news reporter,
notorious for getting herself into places she doesn’t belong, gets caught on
the wrong side of the fence… again. They must join forces with an old ally
and her sniper team to rescue Calista before she meets her demise.
But she doesn’t just want to be
saved, she wants more.
She’s not the only one…
About the author:
 I am the mom of three truly amazing daughters, Cadence, Cailee and Corissa, and the wife of my very own camo angel. Writing has
always been my way to escape reality and live in my very own imaginary
world. I love to entice the imagination of others with my words,
allowing them to escape as I do.
My love for animals led me down my
education path. Not only do I have a bachelor’s degree in biology, I am
also a certified veterinary assistant and dog trainer. Being a part of
the animal rescue in my hometown and a therapy dog team lets me share my
love of animals with the rest of the world.
Although my life hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, I have always been a very generous and nurturing person.
Outside of my house growing up, I had to be the sweetest little girl to
hide the struggles going on inside our house. Inside the house, I had
to be stronger than any child should ever have to be. Making it through
it all has molded me to be the person I am today. I am:
“Stronger than duct tape. Sweeter than honey.”

Where to find the author
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