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Tempting the Boss
by Ruby Foxx
Genre: Erotica
Ruby Foxx is the pseudonym of a New York Times Bestselling Author
Bella loves her job. It’s only a temp position but it’s everything she wants in a job… especially her sexy hunk of a boss. But her hope of being hired at the end of the contract is shattered when he calls her into his office… and tells her she’s fired.
Mr. Elliott doesn’t want to fire the sexy, and very distracting, Bella, but what else can he do? As much as he might want her to stay, it just isn’t working.
Now that the time has come, however, she tempts him with an offer he can’t resist. Just how far will she go to keep this job?
Warning: This erotic story is for adults only. It contains graphic sex scenes that will thrill and excite you, including oral sex, multiple orgasms, and a whole lot of holiday fun!


TEMPTING THE BOSS is a quick, fast-paced read.
Although this is the first of a series of stories, each story can stand alone.

Tempting the Boss by Ruby Foxx

Review by Dana Marie

This is my first Ruby Foxx read and Tempting the Boss seems to have been a great place to start.  Sometimes you just need to dive right into action, and this erotic office series of short stories did just that.

I would have loved to see another ten pages with this one. A few more descriptive details would have taken this story from hot to toe curling. Did I mention that this was a hot little read? Just checking…

The characters and the setting make a great combination and set the stage for future reads. You’ll more than enjoy following along.  I would suggest this story as a bedtime treat. It’s that little something extra that will keep your blood boiling in the cold winter months.


Ruby Foxx is the pseudonym of a New York Times Bestselling Author
Where do Bella and Mr. Elliot go from here?
When Bella’s boss called her into his office to fire her last week, she tempted him into reconsidering. Now she’s wondering just what she’s gotten herself into… and can she really go through with it?
Mr. Elliott was as surprised as Ms. Grainger at the arrangement they came up with, and is more than a little excited about it, but when he calls her into his office, he is disappointed to find she’s reconsidering the situation.
Will she call off the arrangement and walk away from the job she loves?
Warning: This erotic story is for adults only. This story is filled with steamy hot sex and excitement in an office setting with a hunky, dominant boss that is sure to thrill.
This story is on sale for a limited time.
TEMPTING THE BOSS, THE ARRANGEMENT is a quick, fast-paced read.
Although this is the one of a series of stories, each story can stand alone.

Tempting the Boss, The Arrangement by Ruby Foxx

Review by Dana Marie

Tempting the Boss, The Arrangement is the second installment in the series.  It picks right up where the previous story left off.  In this read Bella begins to find out just what she has gotten herself into.

This story is short and to the point, which quite frankly I do enjoy. As with the first, I would have loved to see a little more detail to seal the connection with the characters. A little extra spark would have taken this story from steamy to smoking hot.

I suggest reading them in order, although these short stories say they can be read as a standalone.  It’s a fast paced read that will have you turning pages fast so that the action doesn’t stop. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series progresses. It is definitely a steamy read that is the perfect way to end your night. So why not give yourself a sweet bedtime treat? Dive into the series and enjoy.


About the author:
I’m Ruby Foxx, the alter ego of a New York Times best-selling erotic romance author. Think of me as the evil twin.
When I write stories, they’re short and sweet. And I don’t mean romantic sweet. I mean the sweet, melting hot eroticism of two lustful lovers succumbing to their passion.
And when I say short, I mean I get to the point and pound it home. Fast.
You’re reading these stories to get to a good place, right? O yes, I know what you want. 😉 So I’ll entice you, seduce you, then guide you to the climax.
Believe me, it’s all about the sex. But isn’t that what you want?
My other half may write erotic love stories that push the limits, but I don’t know what limits are. When you crave the titillation that only the fulfillment of your wildest fantasies can give you, look no further than my short, sexy stories.
I’m a very bad girl who will ignite your desire, propel you to the heights of passion, and leave you panting but satisfied. You know what I mean. 😉
My stories will bring you right to the heat, from foreplay to climax in a quick heady read that lasts exactly as long as it needs to. With so very much to do and so little time, a gentleman should not overstay his welcome.

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