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Steal away



Here I am. Snow out the windows again. There is a delicious raspberry mound of sweetness next to my amazing cup of java called Dark Magic. I’m not feeling the magic per say, but that stuff is darn potent. Please hold… Excuse my lack of tact this morning. I needed another gulp or two of that coffee. It was giving me the evil coffee bean eye and I decided to show it who’s magic was really darker.


Well, the house is quiet for now. That’s because it’s too early for the natives to be restless anywhere other than their dreams. So what do I do? I steal away a few moments to write. Even if it’s just to make some minor changes or get a few more pages further. This is how I grab my moments. 
I’m still working on my finding my center. I know that just right amount of balance is just around the corner. Which corner and on what day, I am not sure. I will find it though.
No pushing is needed. I am where I am because I have finally learned to steal away instead of letting those moments pass me by. So I bid you all a good morning and just this once tell you it’s okay to steal away. The moments, that is! D~

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