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Change is good. Right?



Well, here I am chugging right along. The creative juices are flowing. The sun is out and the snow is starting to melt. And thank freaking goodness for that. Oh, and my daughter bought me lunch. Mmm, I love Chipotle. Then something even bigger and amazing happens…

I am going to change the point of view. Ugh! Right in the middle of writing this book I have this wonderful idea. I couldn’t have made this revelation sooner? I have been fighting with the back and forth point of view for a bit. It seemed to be working quite well at first. Some writers think it’s too much or it doesn’t work. It really does work and I think I prefer it at this point when I choose books. Unfortunately, I am having a little difficulty bringing my three main characters truly to life with switching back and forth between them. I really need that connection before I get hard core on the um…er… love scenes. Yea, love scenes, that’s it. 

 Change is good. Right? Who knows. Before my book writing adventure is over I may very well change my mind again. After all, it is my book so I can do that. I’m really looking forward to getting this baby done and sharing it. For now though, I am just happy the adventure is continuing to move forward.

 It’s going to be a great year. Change and all. D~





Time slips by and the years keep on coming and what do I have to show for it? Well, I have four great children, family, friends, and a love for life. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Just in case you were wondering it is good.

If you are like me you have a “Someday I will…” stored away in your hopes and dreams vault of your mind that would make good, great. Mine was someday I will write a book and as I watch the story play it’s pages in my mind and get it down on paper I am in awe of myself. Whether I was procrastinating or it just wasn’t the time in the years previous I am here now. This is what matters. Where are you at?

I am still working through budgeting my time more efficiently but I am on a roll. Okay, it’s more like a slow army crawl but I am rocking the fatigues. Besides, the amazing natural colors bring out my brown eyes.

Tell me, what is your someday? Whatever your someday or one day of yesterday is make it a “Today I will…” kind of day. Wishing you positive thoughts in everything you do past, present, and future.


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